African Safari Holidays

The African Touch offers the people of New Zealand safari holidays as they’ve never experienced before. We offer a completely personalised serviced, fine-tuned itineraries that suit your needs and tastes, and the opportunity to feel safe throughout the entire journey.

Roam East and South Africa on a Luxury Safari Holiday

We look after all our tour guests with four crew members (unlike most companies who offer only two!) and ensure that our mature travellers and adventure seekers get the most out of their experience. We want you to discover the real Africa. You’ll meet the people, discover the history and culture, and experience wildlife in some of the most beautiful corners of the Earth.

One of our most popular African safari holiday options is the East Africa safari, though we offer incredible experiences in the South of Africa too. All of our African safari holidays are customisable with itineraries you can change and adapt, and we are always more than happy to discuss your needs! Read More

Explore East and South Africa

We offer a number of exciting East and South Africa tours that you can choose from. These holidays take you through some of Africa’s best game-viewing locations and show you the stunning wildlife and scenery of the continent. You’ll visit waterfalls and mountains, come face to face with chimpanzees, and stay in luxury while you do it.

Our trips include nature and wildlife observation, trekking, and cultural entertainment in the following packages:

  • Explore East Africa
  • Namibian Wanderer
  • Bring Your Tribe
  • My Africa
  • Handpicked Kenya
  • Gorillas and Gameparks

…and there are a number of tour extensions you can choose from that customise your experience even further. What more could you ask for?

Whether you’re looking to play your part in charitable operations while in Africa or looking to relax in luxury accommodation between journeys exploring the African landscape, The African Touch can create the perfect tour itinerary for you.

People Just Keep Coming Back!

Almost 70% of our business comes through customers being recommended via word-of-mouth, and those who return to us for another exciting adventure! Mature thrill seekers and retired adventurers continue to come back to The African Touch for a safe and exciting experience in Africa.

We love providing our customers with the most exciting, thrilling, educational, and relaxing experiences in East and South Africa.

We Love Africa, and We Love Luxury

We believe that safaris should be as luxurious as they are exciting. That’s why we have a team of four crew members available throughout your trip to ensure you have everything we need, and that’s why we offer a range of accommodation options. You can choose between our lodges, tents and even hotels to ensure you have the most luxurious experience possible.

Want to learn more, or start your journey? Contact us today!

The African Touch is New Zealand's best one-stop shop for your African safari tours! We offer affordable packages and safari vacations for groups, seniors and for the whole family. Experience African safari today!

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