African Safaris for Seniors

Gone are the days when traversing the great landscapes that Africa has to offer was solely for the young. African safaris for seniors are now a massively growing trend and we couldn’t be more delighted. Even if you are in your late seventies or eighties, there is always something in this wonderful continent for you.

African Safaris for Seniors With The African Touch

When you book a trip with The African Touch, we can tailor a trip to suit your exact needs; with meets and greets to help you with the customs and passport processes or a guide to personally take you from the airport straight to your luxury accommodation. If you’re not travelling with the rest of your family, then we are also happy to keep in contact with you and then to give them peace of mind that you are having an incredible time.

Too many people still believe that an African safari is simply too adventurous for the older generation, but we will have to agree to disagree. The setting of the African bush is the perfect place for seniors to relax and unwind in the astounding scenery - serenaded by birdsong and sounds of the wild.

Whether you’re simply reading by the pool watching the passing game; going on a drive and keeping your eyes peeled for the Big 5 or taking a walk to appreciate the smaller things the bush has to offer - like the resplendent bird species - we assure you that there is something for every senior enthusiast out there.

When we get requests for senior safaris, we love to go above and beyond to design trips that meet every specific guest’s requirements. Whatever it is we can do to make your trip as comfortable as can be - we’re happy to provide.

The benefits of travelling to Africa as a senior

Contrary to popular belief, travelling to Africa as a senior has a whole host of advantages and we don’t believe that you’ll miss out on anything that the younger generation can do. Here are some of the reasons why it’s awesome to travel as a senior on safari:

You have the time

The younger generation are often just starting out their careers or are focusing on bringing up children. Time constraints are a very real concern for younger travellers planning in school holidays and in their limited amount of time off work. Travelling as a senior means that you have more time to take it slow and really enjoy your surroundings; most senior travellers are retired and therefore they don’t have to squash up their itineraries and can take it at their own pace. Read More

You can travel with family

Multi-generational travel is on the rise; global expansion has meant that families can be split all over the world. Travelling together is an amazing way for families to reconnect, spend more time together and make new special memories. Can you just imagine the witnessing the wonder in your grandchild’s eyes when they see their first elephant or lion? These are the moments you don’t want to miss.

Meeting new people

It’s always a lovely thing to make new friends and the wonderful thing about travelling as a senior is that you get to meet a whole heap of generations, cultures, and nationalities when you travel - broadening your horizons, hearing new stories and making new friends along the way.

These are just some of the wonderful things about going to Africa as a senior. At The African Touch, we specialise in senior safaris in Africa so contact us today and start planning your dream trip.

The African Touch is New Zealand's best one-stop shop for your African safari tours! We offer affordable packages and safari vacations for groups, seniors and for the whole family. Experience African safari today!

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