African Safari Vacation

Many people dream of travelling to Africa; the wide open spaces, the incredible wildlife, the friendly people and land so steeped in myths and legends that you have to visit to see for yourself if they are true.

An African Safari Vacation for Everyone

If you’re looking for your next travel destination and have thought about travelling to Africa, now is the time to grab your dreams and go for them.

Africa is an expansive landscape filled with diversity unlike anywhere else - there are intriguing cultures, dramatic scenery and unique animals seen nowhere else on earth. It really is one of the most amazing travel experiences that you can ever have and will give you memories that last a lifetime.

Organising an African safari vactation

One of the things that put people off travelling to Africa is not having the knowledge on how to go about organising it. Where and when should you visit? What parts are safe? How do you find accommodation? When you book through The African Touch, you don’t have to stress about this, as our expert Africa travel experts will do it all for you.

What to consider when planning a trip to Africa?

There are a number of things that you should consider when planning a safari or holiday to Africa that can make choosing the right option a whole lot easier. Here are just come of the factors to think over:

Who’s going?

It’s important to consider who you will be travelling with, as there are options more suited to some than others. You may not want to take kids on a walking safari where they won’t be able to keep up; similarly, people over a certain age may not enjoy more adventurous activities like white water rafting. Consider who you are taking with you, tell us and we’ll plan the perfect African holiday for everyone. Read More

Where do you want to go?

Africa is massive. In fact, the world map severely belies the actual size of the continent and there is so much more to the land than you could have ever imagined. There’s a multitude of fun and fascinating destinations from East to Southern Africa and everywhere in between.

The most popular choices for visiting Africa are Big 5 safaris, the wildebeest migration, gorilla trekking, and beach bumming or cultural tours. Decide what you would like to do or have a look at our packages and we can help you find the perfect trip for you and your travel companions.

You can do combinations

One of the things that we love about organising the trip of a lifetime for our guests is that you simply don’t have to choose one option or the other. Combined vacations are one of the best ways to see Africa to its fullest. Feel like going on a Big 5 safari but also have a new foodie experience in a laid back city? Then we can organise a seaside and city escape in South Africa between the Garden Route and Cape Town. Want to see the wildebeest migration but trek with gorillas too? Then the Masai Mara and Uganda it is! There is no need to limit yourself to just one option - chat to us about what you’d like to do while visiting Africa and we can find the best combination to suit your needs.

Africa is a land teeming with beauty, possibilities, kindness and all the wildlife you’ll ever want to lay your eyes on and it’s simply waiting to be explored. Get in touch with us at The African Touch and our African travel experts will put together a trip that you will never forget.

The African Touch is New Zealand's best one-stop shop for your African safari tours! We offer affordable packages and safari vacations for groups, seniors and for the whole family. Experience African safari today!

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