Affordable African Safari Packages

We know that affording the typical safari experience can be a stretch for a lot of families. Therefore, we at African Touch strive to offer a range of tour options that cater for all ages and walks of life, whether you are looking for a luxurious stay in the African wilderness or are more interested in camping under the stars of the night sky.

Are you searching for an affordable African safari experience?

We believe that the African safari is something that everybody should have the opportunity to experience, so what packages do we offer to make this possible?

Affordable Accommodation Options

We offer a standard camping option on the majority of our tour packages, which we believe offers the best experience anyway! You will have the opportunity to camp under the African night sky with your closest friends and loved ones whilst listening the crackle of an open fire. What could be better? Read More

This option comes with all camping equipment, except the sleeping bags and/or blankets, provided as standard. There is an option to hire bedding, however, if you don’t have it for yourself. The tents themselves are suitable for two occupants, are insect proof, and sport two, large windows ideal for ventilation. We also ensure that the camp sites that we choose for our customers are well established, with all of them providing toilets and showers, the majority of them providing bars for a refreshing drink, and some even providing WiFi!

We do also have the option of upgraded and luxury accommodation if you find that your budget is able to stretch a bit further. More information on each of these options can be found by visiting the ‘plan your safari’ page on our website.

Affordable Vehicle Options

A safari is, of course, predominantly about the sights of the African landscape and the thrill of coming face to face with the wildlife of the country. Therefore, we have ensured that we provide an affordable option for this part of the experience as well!

Travelling overland provides you with a home on wheels, and gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with the real Africa in a unique way.

Our overland trucks feature an inbuilt kitchen, complete with a fridge and power points, as well as secure storage compartments for your valuables and tables and chairs. They also feature sides that roll up to provide ventilation and excellent views of the scenery.

As with the accommodation, we also have upgrades available if you find that you are able to afford them.

Have a question about how much an African safari costs? Talk to us.

The prospect of organising a safari adventure on a budget can be a daunting experience, so let us help. We can establish your budget and walk you through the tour options that are the most suited to you.

Call us now on +64 9 4315 444 or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The African Touch is New Zealand's best one-stop shop for your African safari tours! We offer affordable packages and safari vacations for groups, seniors and for the whole family. Experience African safari today!

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