We asked a bunch of passengers why they chose The African Touch, here’s what they shared.

Why Choose Us?

We asked a bunch of passengers why they chose The African Touch, here’s what they shared.

Personal Touch…

Unlike big tour operators, Karoma and Tasha have an amazing way of connecting with each passenger. Meeting you on arrival and helping every step of the way until departure, it’s completely hassle free. Itineraries are top-notch – specifically tailored to suit the group, with lots of fun surprises along the way. Each destination puts you face to face with diverse cultures, jaw-dropping landscapes and fascinating histories. A vast range of attractions keeps you on your toes!

A Deeper Understanding…

Karoma shares his extensive knowledge – from the ‘big 5’, to the tribespeople, local economies, his childhood, history and the environment. You will come away with a deeper understanding of this amazing continent, plus a stack of life-long memories!

Keeping it Real…

Relax! Travelling with The African Touch allows you to encounter the real Africa in a fun and safe way. While the major attractions are covered, you’ll also get off the beaten track where tourists are never seen! Mingling first-hand with local people and bartering at markets – you will even visit Karoma’s Mama’s village on the Explore East Africa safari.

Too Easy!

No question is a silly question! Karoma and Tasha guide you every inch of the way, from arranging your bookings, sharing what to pack and clothes to wear, to advice on what to do before you leave home. Before you even depart, you can meet Karoma in New Zealand – now that’s unique! Departure dates are also carefully timed to ensure you gain the most experience possible, in each country. Best of all, on the overland trips a crew of four do ALL the work for you, leaving you to relax!

Talk to Us!

No agents, no hidden extras, no big company pomp! Chat about your holiday directly with Karoma and Tasha. Whether over the phone, a relaxed catch up at their New Zealand home, or via email, they will arrange your trip, answer your questions and be fully transparent with costs. You’ll know exactly what to budget for because all of the optional extras are clearly outlined.

Hearty Meals…

The focus is on delicious food! All meals on The Fully Serviced Camping Safaris are wholesome and designed to keep your energy levels high. No two dinners are the same! You’ll get to kick back after meals while the crew takes care of the dishes. Be sure to ask about special diets, which can all be catered for.

Sit Back & Soak it up…

It’s all taken care of! The Fully Serviced Camping Safaris take care of meals, setting up camp and cleaning, making this an ideal trip for all ages, including the seasoned ‘40 plus’ travelers!

Good Clean Fun…

Hygiene is paramount! Rest assured we follow strict routines to keep you healthy and happy.

“Africa is my home! At the end of the day, it’s an unbeatable feeling to head home and share my incredible ‘backyard’ with you. Tasha and myself have a genuine love for what we do, and that passion sits behind every tour.”