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Welcome to The African Touch!

Have you dreamt of Africa with its eye-popping scenery, incredible wildlife and vibrant culture? Do you have a thirst for going beyond the tourist routes and experiencing real Africa? Are you nervous to undertake such an adventure on your own? The African Touch is perfect for you. Let’s explore!

Your guides Karoma and Tasha Kimani specialise in personalised safaris of East and Southern Africa. Kenyan-born Karoma has shared his continent with hundreds of travellers for almost 30 years, while Kiwi wife Tasha has worked with him since 2002. Together they make an unbeatable team.

Operating since 2005, The African Touch has built an impeccable reputation, shown by the level of repeat business and glowing feedback from past passengers. While the itineraries have been fine-tuned along the way, one thing will never change – Karoma’s intimate knowledge of African life and Tasha’s wonderful, down-to-earth Kiwi hospitality.

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